In Vietnam, Phuong Ly, the young and beautiful daughter of an impoverished fruit vendor is deeply in love with her boyfriend. His wealthy mother, however, has higher aspirations for her son and engineers their break-up. Heartbroken and overwhelmed with financial burden, Phuong Ly travels to Saigon in the hope that she might find a solution to her family's financial struggle. Desperate and alone, she becomes entangled in the dark underworld of marriage agencies. Hopeful that the foreign man she has agreed to marry will offer her and her family a better life, Phuong Ly leaves her native land for the promise of America. With it quickly becoming clear that her new husband is motivated by more sinister intentions, Phuong Ly must now engineer her escape from the nightmarish existence that she has become enslaved within.


Bebe is Vietnam’s top model who has traveled to various cities around the globe and has appeared on the covers of both local Vietnamese and international magazines. In 2007, Bebe had a role in the international dual-language film produced by Bigfoot Entertainment, Irreversi/Hui Lu, which was shot back-to-back in English and Mandarin. Bebe then went on to star in the action-thriller Deep Gold. She is now filming The Girl With No Number in the Philippines and Vietnam.

JAY LAISNE Mitch Mallory
Jay Laisne is from Fresno and has worked nonstop on big and small television and film projects. To date, he has shot 16 films and 3 TV spots, as well as many commercial spots. He executive produced Even If, which has been screened at three film festivals. Some of his notable film and television credits include: Humanity's End, The Adventures of Umbweki (2008), Change Your Life! (2008), 1000 Ways to Die (2008), A Mormon President (2008), Roommates (2007), MANswers, Even If (2007), Hide and Sea (2007), "JAG", and "Survivors" (1996).

Lương Thế Thành was born on October 1st 1982 in Cai Lậy, Tiền Giang. He is well known within the world of Vietnamese films. In 2004, when he was a student at the Art and Culture College in Ho Chi Minh City, he was awarded a prestigious award given to prospective actors. From this auspicious beginning, his career was launched. Since then, he participated in numerous TV films. When he was cast as the lead actor in Miền Đất Phúc, his profile changed from that of actor, to one of a household name. Lương Thế Thành has been in the following productions: Giọt Đắng, Miền Đất Phúc, Mùi Ngò Gai, Một Ngày Không Có Em and Bò Cạp Tím .

ELINA MADISON Connie Mallory
Elina Madison grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. She is currently starring in Big Foot Entertainment’s The Girl With No Number. Previously, she acted in numerous horror genre films such as Miners Massacre, Creepshow 3, Petrified and the classic remake of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Elina has also performed in her share of comedies such as Stand Up, Kissing Cousins and The Wedding Video, as well as taking a dramatic turn in independent films such as the lead heroine in Minty: The Assassin and the ensemble character study in Small Town Saturday Night starring Chris Pine (due out in 2009). In television, she has guest-starred on NBC's "Las Vegas" and the Emmy nominated TV series "Brothers & Sisters", as well as working on shows such as "Mystery ER", "Untold Stories of the ER", Nickelodeon’s, "Hi-Jinks" and The Discovery Channel’s "Extreme Body" as well as numerous other films and television programs.

Co-starring in a full-length feature film with worldwide distribution potential is an auspicious beginning for the very young Miss Adrienne Ugarte. And while her career is only starting, it is critical to note that Adrienne has been in performances at the school she presently attends. Clearly, she has shown a propensity for performance from the very start. Her parents and family are very supportive of Adrienne’s talents and ambitions, and feel that she will have much to offer the world of stage and screen performance as she grows up.

Being one of the first acting students of Ho Chi Minh City Theatre school, Hoai An graduated in 1995 and was cast in Người đẹp tây đô, Vietnam’s very first TV series. She was then acting in numerous plays and movies such as Hải nguyệt and Tổ quốc tiếng gà trưa, which enabled her to establish a varied portfolio for herself. Switching focus from career to family, she left the spotlight for four years only to discover that she was quite attached to the acting profession. Trying to make a comeback, she accepted background, extra roles and other various jobs within the industry. This period, she reckoned, helped to form her later popular actor image as a mother who has to overcome various obstacles in her life. The audience could not forget Ngã rẽ cuộc đời or Ký sự pháp đình, which has screened at Vietnam’s National Festival of Television. She regards her last film Ký sự pháp đình as the pinnacle of her career.

Nguyễn Ngọc Hân was born on September 11, 1998 and currently lives in Ho Chi Minh City. She received the first prize in a prestigious singing competition at Đinh Tiên Hoàng, her elementary school, as well as a first prize in her school’s story telling competition. Miss Nguyễn then went on to win a Nightingale award in a well-recognized singing competition in Ho Chi Minh City. She acted in the 2007 television series "Tường vy cánh mỏng" and is presently involved in the Bigfoot Entertainment feature film The Girl With No Number.

Nguyễn Thị Chiều Xuân studied acting and directing at the National University of Theatre and Cinema, and went on to pursue Art Performance at the Conservatoire Nationale Superieur d’Art Dramatique in Paris, France. Beyond that, she completed a formal course in scriptwriting and in English at Berkley University in San Francisco, California. Since 1989, she has acted with the National Theatre in Hanoi, Vietnam. She was the assistant to the director in the stage play Le Neveu de Rameau in Paris’ Le Theatre and went on to direct Somewhere in the World, a documentary about people who are able to communicate with the spirit world. Since 2005, she has been the director of Viet Nu Productions, and in 2006 she was the director and leading actress in the stage play Nhật ký chàng ngố (Fool’s diary).

Trần Bích Hằng was born on September 20th, 1963 in Hanoi and moved to Ho Chi Minh City with her family in 1975. In 1982, she attended the Film Art University in Ho Chi Minh City. In 1987, she joined the City Youth Theater Association as an actress. Then in 1990, at the National Professional Theater Festival, Trần Bích Hằng received the gold medal for best actress. After a brief break, she resumed her performance career and participated in many TV films (Muối mặn gừng cay, Nữ bác sĩ, Ngã rẽ cuộc đời, Xanh mãi đồi trà, and Tuổi yêu) and feature films. She won the Silver Kite Award for Trái tim bé bỏng at the 2008 National Films Festival. At the moment, Trần Bích Hằng is acting in the film Hoa Dai (Wild Flower) and in the Vó ngựa trời nam films of TFS.

Nguyễn Đức Trung was born in 1982 and has felt from a young age that his passion lies within the performing arts industry. His extensive acting experience encompasses the movies Tuổi yêu, Hãy yêu em lần nữa, mưa thủy tinh and Truy lùng dấu vết. He has also discovered his passion for directing and is currently taking an exam at a well-known school to become a movie director.

Born in 1968 in Hong Kong, Kersten studied psychology at Washington State University. Later, he started a career in investment, which led him to Bigfoot where he managed private equity investment in China. He never considered acting professionally and was surprised when he was approached in 2006 for a role in Irreversi. In 2007, he acted in Bigfoot’s next movie, Deep Gold and in 2008 he played Ông Chín in The Girl With No Number. The greatest challenge for him was speaking Vietnamese in The Girl With No Number.

Clint has appeared in numerous feature films and television series, including the following: "Fast Track" (2008), "Apparitions: The Darkness" (2008), "Prison Break", "Mystery ER", Rash Decision/Inflamed, Crash and Burn, The Third Nail, Music Within, The Utah Murder Project (2006), The Unit, True Believers (2006), 200th Hour, Beyond (2006), Trapped! (2006), Pissed (2005), "Monk" (1 episode, 2005), Mr. Mo the Secret Santa (2005), Sweater Detective, Cover-Up '62 (2004), Anna's Eve (2004), and Hope Ranch (2004).


MICHAEL GLEISSNER Executive Producer/Director
Michael Gleissner served as Executive Producer on the recently released 3 Needles (Lucy Liu, Chloë Sevigny and Stockard Channing), East Broadway (Fay Ann Lee and Margaret Cho), Shanghai Kiss (Kelly Hu, Ken Leung and Hayden Panettiere) and the documentary USS Cooper: Return to Ormoc Bay. He made his directorial debut with two films, Irreversi and Hui Lu. The films were shot concurrently in Hong Kong using the same script, written by Gleissner, but in two languages (English and Mandarin) using different cast and crew. Most recently, he was executive producer on the slasher film Midnight Movie. His career and passion in directing continues with Deep Gold and The Girl With No Number, a dramatic feature film shot in Vietnam and the Philippines, which concerns the ongoing problem of human trafficking.

Kacy Andrews is CEO of Bigfoot Entertainment and has been actively involved in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. She spent nine years in both production and project development at Hyperion Pictures where she was one of the producers on Miramax's Playing By Heart (Sean Connery, Dennis Quaid and Angelina Jolie). Her portfolio also includes work on the feature Tom's Midnight Garden; Bone Chillers, a children's television series for ABC, and numerous animated projects - FOX's "Life With Louie", HBO's "Happily Ever After, Fairy Tales for Every Child" (Denzel Washington, Robert Guillaume and Whoopi Goldberg), and Paramount Pictures' "The Oz Kids". Kacy was the executive producer on the teen comedy The Curiosity of Chance, the psychological thriller Within and the documentaries USS Cooper and 9,000 Needles. Her most recent producing credits are the psychological thrillers Irreversi and Hui Lu, shot concurrently in Hong Kong as well as the horror film Midnight Movie and Bigfoot's new feature, The Girl With No Number.

An alumna of the University of Southern California's prestigious School of Cinema-Television, Ashley Jordan has succeeded in producing and developing many award-winning films. Most notably, Ashley produced West Bank Story, a film that won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short during the 79th Annual Oscar Awards Ceremony. The film has screened at 112 festivals in 21 countries and has won 25 film festivals to date.

She offers five years of development experience working for Red Wagon Entertainment under Lucy Fisher and Doug Wick, Live Planet under Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Tollin Robbins Productions under Brian Robbins and Mike Tollin, and most recently, as an executive at Varsity Pictures. During her film career she has contributed in the development and production of films such as Memoirs of a Geisha, Bewitched, Jarhead, Gone Baby Gone, Wild Hogs, Norbit, and Meet Dave. She's currently producing Bigfoot's latest feature, The Girl With No Number.

MAUREEN P. MOTTLEY Line Producer/Co-Producer
With over 10 years in the entertainment industry, Maureen’s experience and talents encompass all stages of a film’s production. While producing commercials for companies such as Coca-Cola, Fila, Nestle, BMW and Saab, as well as films and TV shows, Maureen traveled to many international destinations such as Africa, the Caribbean, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia and South America. In 2007, she completed shooting the independent feature comedy Tarzana starring Beth Broderick and Chris Mulkey. Her most recent project took her to the Philippines and Vietnam where she was the line-producer as well as the co-producer on The Girl With No Number.

JUSTIN CRONKITE Production Manager/Associate Producer
Justin has worked professionally in the film industry over the last several years, mainly in the critical areas of production management and in the capacity of associate producer. Justin was most recently the production supervisor on the film (818). For Bigfoot Entertainment, Justin worked as production manager on Midnight Movie (2008) and served as a line producer for the action/adventure film Deep Gold. For the film Infamy, Justin fulfilled the role of unit production manager.

JENNI TRANG LE1st Assistant Director
Jenni has worked in various professional capacities on films like Holly (2006), Journey from the Fall (2006), Today You Die (2005) (production assistant), and Generation Gap (2004) (script supervisor). She was the Second Unit Director in 21 and a Wake-Up (2008), Owl and the Sparrow (2007), and The Rebel (2006) (first assistant director). She served as a producer, director and writer on Oh Mommy!. Most recently, she produced the film And Chopsticks (2007).

JOHN SABATO Cebu Production Designer
John has designed scenery primarily for television, and has been fortunate to have his work nominated for Emmy consideration for each of the last six years, along with five Art Directors’ Guild Excellence in Production Design Award nominations. John won the Art Directors’ Guild Excellence in Production Design Award in 2006 for his work on MadTV.

JAMES THOMPSON Vietnam Production Designer
James Thompson’s professional journey began while attending the State University of New York (Oswego), where he explored his love for theater. He later obtained a Masters of Fine Arts in Production Design from the American Film Institute Conservatory (AFI). He has designed for stage, television, film, themed attractions, award shows and special events. In addition to his work as a designer, he spent his evenings and weekends teaching drawing, set construction and design concepts at Columbia Film School in Hollywood, California. Recent clients include CBS (Big Brother), The Food Network (The Chef Jeff Project), Discovery Health (Fit for Life) and The 36th annual Key Art Awards sponsored by The Hollywood Reporter.

JACK MESSITT Director of Photography/2nd Unit Director
Jack Messitt made his directorial debut with Midnight Movie and is the screenwriter behind the upcoming feature film, Trust, being produced by TFI. As a cameraman, he has worked on everything from feature films and television, to music videos and reality shows. He was the Director of Photography for the feature films Irreversi and The Curiosity of Chance and most recently directed and wrote the horror film Midnight Movie. His television credits include "Bones" and "American Idol" for Fox, Oxygen Network's comedy series "Campus Ladies" and DirecTV's "CD USA". He is the 1st Vice President of the Society of Camera Operators and is a graduate of Indiana University and The American Film Institute.

RICK ROBINSON Camera Operator/2nd Unit DP
After studying film at the University of Southern California (USC), Rick Robinson embarked on a very diverse career as a Director of Photography and Camera Operator. An Emmy Award winner, he has worked on a variety of projects in feature films, television, music videos, documentaries, news and reality formats. Rick’s international experience has taken him throughout the world shooting in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East in over 30 countries and on four continents. Rick has also taught a variety of cinematography courses at Columbia College Hollywood, UCLA Extension, the Los Angeles Film School and the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu, Philippines. In addition to filming The Girl With No Number, he is currently completing principle photography on Deep Gold, which is also being filmed on the Philippine island of Cebu.

LAURA GALLI Costume Designer
Laura is a costume designer and wardrobe stylist accomplished in film, television and theatre, as well as fashion and commercial photography. Based in Los Angeles, Laura has worked with photographers from coast to coast. She has worked as the costume designer on several feature films, as well as commercials, television shows and music videos. A theatre major from the University of Texas in Austin, she has applied her educational background with hands on experience to develop her skills and knowledge of textiles, flat patterning, draping and rendering, sewing and alteration. With numerous accolades from peers in the industry, Laura now adds the feature film The Girl With No Number to more than 30 professional credits in her portfolio.

BRAD DRAPER Chief Lighting Technician
Brad has worked as a gaffer or grip on the following television series and feature films: "Everybody Hates Chris", "DAG", "Jack Frost", "Money Talks", Frame-Up II: The Cover-Up, Tremors II: Aftershocks (1996), Widow's Kiss, Bodily Harm (1995), Undercover Heat, "Project: Metalbeast, Jailbait, Prehysteria!", "Project Vampire", "Seedpeople", "Code 3" (1992), and Demonic Toys (1992). Brad was the director of photography for the television series "Code 3".

A native of Cebu, Philippines, Kristoffer Villarino began his career directing and editing music videos and short films. Binaliw, a short film written and directed by Villarino, won second prize at the 15th Cultural Center of the Philippines Awards for Alternative Films and Video and was a finalist at the MOV International Digital Film Festival. He now heads the editing team at Bigfoot Entertainment. Villarino has edited several of Bigfoot Entertainment’s feature-length projects including The Girl With No Number, Irreversi, Hui Lu and the documentary USS Cooper: Return to Ormoc Bay. He recently co-edited another documentary, 9000 Needles.

Frederick has written or has contributed as a writer to the following films: L. Frank Baum: The Man Behind the Curtain, Skeleton Man, Threat of Exposure, Shogun Cop, Goodbye America, Cheyenne, Terminal Justice, Quick, Kill Zone, Raiders of the Sun, Fatal Sky, Circle of Fear, Demonstone, Demon of Paradise, Fast Gun, Equalizer 2000, Silk, Wheels of Fire.

Nguyễn Mạnh Tuấn’s distinguished efforts as a writer encompass his published novels and screenplays. His first novel The Remaining Distances won the National Literature Award and was adapted for the feature film Far and Near, which won the Golden Lotus Award from the Motion Pictures Association of Vietnam. His novel Stand Before the Ocean, which was derived from his original screenplay The Bright Sea, also won the National Literature Award. Some of his other literary work includes Cajuput isle (written during the “doi moi” period in Vietnam), The Remaining Distances, Love As You Live, Love Affair, Four Empty Hands, Life Of A Street Singer, Foundation, and The Spiritual Part. Numerous feature films have been made that were official adaptations of Nguyen’s literary work. Since 1990, Nguyễn Mạnh Tuấn has written the largest number of teleplays in Vietnam, such as "Sweat And Blood Mone" (30 episodes), and "The Weak Woman" (30 episodes).

James studied at Columbia College and joined the faculty of IAFT after several years in the business as a production sound mixer. He has worked on a number of projects including the following shows: "College Hill Interns" and "College Hill Season 5" for BET Entertainment, a Boost Mobile commercial for KDJ Productions, and "Fear Factor Home Invasion" for Tri Crown Productions. James also co-produced Memoirs of Don Walker, a 16mm film, which won best thriller at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival in Los Angeles, and runner-up for Best Short Film at the East Lansing Film Festival.